The Tiny Shacks

Client needs some visuals to create excitement for her product, which are these really cool tiny shacks. I was asked to illustrate these three tiny hunting shacks. My clients goal is for these tiny shakes to go viral, so the expectations are high.

My brief was to create photo realistic spaces to place these tiny shakes in. All the spaces were meant to be scenes right out of a hunting magazine. I gathered a lot of reference photos and built the scenes from parts and pieces of the photos I liked.

I started with sketches and inspirational photos. I built the 3D models in Autodesk’s 3DS MAX, using V-Ray as the render engine. All post production was done in Photoshop. The process is, I build gray-scale models, to share with my client, so the modeling can be approved. Once the gray-scale model is approved, I start adding colors and materials. Up until this point, it is non-subjective. The work starts when I have to create the environment, which is going to make the image.

I have had great feedback from both my clients and my peers. The environment wasn’t easy to pull off, but with the feedback I have been getting, I nailed it. There is an awful lot of talent out there, so I really take my peers critiques to heart.

Bobby Parker

My name is Bobby Parker, and I am a Professional Minnesota based architectural illustrator who specializes in 3D photo-realistic architectural renderings, both interior renderings and exterior renderings.