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The Tower

The Tower

Euclides Felipe neto
September 16, 2021
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3D images that convey sensations. We make the future a reality. This is the motto of ProCAD 3D. We want to innovate the concept of 3D art. 100% CGI Project

For the realization of this project many references were taken, and briefing with some clients.

The 3Ds MAX program was used, it was given the beginning in modeling the art, which in this case was our building. Soon after the modeling, scene composition, humanization, followed by the render settings, namely: Lighting, textures, camera composition. And finally setting the image size and thus renders final.

Customers loved the project!

Euclides Felipe neto

ProCAD 3D is a startup an electronic mockup and virtual reality studio created in 2019. Composed of an engineering student, and electronic mockups, we work to provide a better presentation of your projects, as well as an excellent visualization and interaction for your customers. We believe that perfect images delight people and transform their perceptions.

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