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The Trip

The Trip

Tyler Dale
February 6, 2020

The Trip is a series of psychedelic illustrations about altered states of consciousness. Individuals depend too vigorously on the ordinary mind. They meticulously break down themselves and their issues with little result, as if the conventional ordinary mind is the main and best instrument for healing oneself. We live our lives and address our difficulties with the intellect, dismissing the open doors that modified states offer. Possibly we simply lean toward the wellbeing and consistency of the normal personality and the universe of thought. We comprehend what's up mentally however we feel adhered with regards to getting help.

The motivation originated from an inebriating night of blowing bubbles and whiskey sours. Most of the illustrations are icons from my times out. I chose to illustrate this in a series of different sized grids making a visual tapestry. I was inspired by patch work blankets.

Started with some basic sketches of the grid. Migrated the concepts over to Adobe illustrator and started to fill in the boxes with color and icons.
I finish one box at a time in order to keep colors from one box from clashing with other boxes.

The over all responses from people is a pleasant experience. The bright colors and different dimensions are intriguing to individuals. I am often asked whats it about. I've learned that non ordinary modes of the mind can help healing oneself.

Tyler Dale

From Canada, Ty was born in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1993, He's been a creative from a young age, constantly trying to stay afloat. He decided to study Digital Graphic Design at Vancouver Community College in 2012 where he experimented with different illustrative styles and aesthetics. We learnt the importance of manipulating vague or sometimes even boring content into interesting forms to intrigue audiences. From his chaotic workspace he draws in several different illustrative styles with bold colours and quirky-child like drawings. The majority of his work uses the four basic shapes and is often geometric. Ty specializes in illustrative design solutions for creative agencies and brands.

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