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The Truth Is Raw

The Truth Is Raw

Alan Silva
July 6, 2017
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A new site layout for Potentia and it's 5 truths about the builders' market. The challenge here is to make more than a photo gallery, in that comes another challenge: sharing the thoughts of a building brand is to value their work that distinguishes itself from the architect's work. What if we tell the public how Potentia works? Tell the difference between them and your competitors. From there came a value that conveys the essence of the brand: the Truth.

The truth is raw, is solid because it is and does not need anything to sustain. To represent the solidity, regardless of the current moment of the company, the use of only one typography. Without the need for other artifacts, the typography composes the structure of the site and at the same time leaves the content to be protagonist. With only 3 colors: red, white and gray, the layout stay on the way of simplicity.

The contribution of the stunning photographs from the client, it was easy to make a great work. The process was to put it on all photoshop and create an experience to guide the user into a path. Then, when the user is navigating into inner pages, he does not get lost, because every page contains one link to another subject related to it's content. Although, the five truths were applied to a correspondent case, connecting the concept of the truth all over the website.

The growth here is at making a solid structure, easily to apply but also with strength. It was highly inspired by the modernist graphic design that is characterized by a very rational thought. The modernist architecture was also a big inspiration: Lina Bo Bardi and the truth about the materials she used, where steal is steal, concrete is concrete, nothing looks like something it's not and yet, still beautiful.

Alan Silva

Hello there, my name is Alan. I'm a young graphic designer that loves to do pretty stuff. I live for the impulse of making an harmonious, deep and meaningful work.

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