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The Water Blue Garden

The Water Blue Garden

Mia Zhang
April 9, 2020
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This is a private house design in Tianjin, China. As the earliest port cities open to the outside world, Tianjin's architecture has become the epitome of a diversified universe of human settlements. From the Five Avenues that combine Chinese and Western styles to Italian style streets, each arc of Western architecture is a continuation of romantic art. The transformation of the Blue Water Park was carried out on this aesthetic basis.

The owner is an entrepreneur who pursues a high-quality life while he is busy every day. He hopes that his future home will be comfortable and relaxing, and blue has always been a favorite of both male and female owners. Therefore, the designer disassembled blue into four different shades — The clean blue outlines the refined French retro style; Morandi's gray-blue furnishings depict the French country style, striving to achieve the relaxation and intimate atmosphere expected by the owner. Each blue corresponds to a material, forming a growing relationship with each other, with saturated bright and vibrant gold, either interspersed or stretched, creating a dreamy space like blue.

Through the dismantling of the design medium, the designer makes the abstract beauty and happiness in life more comfortable to perceive, and also makes the limited home into a different time and space where one can free mind and body.

In terms of functional structure, based on the long-term research and understanding of the owner's lifestyle, the designer planned a living area with different themes such as social, wine tasting, fitness, etc., and expanded the southward activity area on the original spatial layout, adding 130 square meter area where to create a buffer zone that can be used for drinking tea, sunbathing, or storage areas, reserving more imaginary space for future life.

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