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The Waves by Miami Vibes

The Waves by Miami Vibes

Omar Yasser
July 2, 2019

Artwork for "The Waves" Album by Miami Vibes (a band from a 3 men are about to launch their 1st album)
This album will be the first album for the band which is makes it special artwork.
I tried in this design to represent the soul of Miami city in a simple ways.

From the name of the band, i just tried to represent Miami city as simple as i could and at the same time i wanted people to feel it.

- The colors are inspired from the colorful sunset of Miami and that's what make it attractive to the eye.

- The Palm Trees are so related to the city and you could see it anywhere you go, it like and icon.

- The Model is related to a female character in one of the songs.

I used only "Adobe Photoshop" from the beginning to the end and i like that software it helped me a lot to express what i can see when i hear "Miami" in a smooth, soft and beautiful way . and listening to Latin and tropical music really helped me like it created a nice atmosphere to work in.

Until this moment my friends and people appreciated it, some people inquires how did i got that idea and others supports me and i really appreciates it. And I guess i learned a lot from this, and i can tell nature still the mother of inspiration and you even you don't have much elements you could be inspired from the little scenes you see everyday like sunset, midnight time, the full moon among the clouds etc. so, it's a great and reach source to use in your designs.

Omar Yasser

Junior Graphic Designer, Computer Science Student, Photographer.

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