The White Majles

The White Majles ( a men’s sitting area ) is a 53 m2 interior located at Doha Qatar designed and visualized by Architect Ahmed Tallal.

The owner wanted to have a simple light classic design with a modern touch and that was the challenge, to have a combination between modernity and classical design. So from this requirements, I started to work and picked the white color since its represent coolness and simplicity.

– Ahmed Tallal

At the beginning of any project I try to collect as many reference images as possible – from different available source, including the internet. When it’s done, I start modeling the scene with my favorite software Autodesk 3Dmax and the great plugin Vray and finally post product my work with Adobe Photoshop. I lighted the scene with an HDRI ( high dynamic range image ), sky portal light at the main window, and lights in the spots.

– Ahmed Tallal

I think people liked it , also, I learned some new modelling and materials techniques and how to have a good color balance in the scene.

– Ahmed Tallal

About Ahmed Tallal

Ahmed Tallal is from Cairo Egypt he graduated from Ain Shams University class of 2009 and holds BSc. in Architectural Engineering and has been working in Architecture, Interior Design and the 3D industry of architectural visualization. He specializes in Exterior Design, Interior Design, Landscape, Planning of Residential Compounds. Ahmed also experienced in architectural visualization, specialized in lighting, advanced materials, vegetation, interior and exterior renderings. Besides, the 3D Architecturra-Digital Architecture Magazine has done interview with me, you can check it here.