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The White Series Pt. II

The White Series Pt. II

Victor Brandao
February 21, 2022
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The White Series is a sequence of images exploring the simplicity of light, colors and materials. The core idea of the series is to remove everything that is superflous and show how simple and graceful life can be if we look through the right angles.

The White Series first came up as a lighting and composition exercise for architectural visualization. Its purpose was to eliminate everything that could work as a distraction for the eyes so the realism and the overall mood of the images had to be achieved by good lighting and texturing from the few elements in the scene. Later on, when White Series Pt.I was finished, the concept of a "minimalistic life" came up as a series of rooms trying to show the simpler side of life.
The materials had to speak for itself and work for itself. Concrete and white plaster were the no brainer options for this project. There is so much one can achieve using those materials, all it takes is to change the light direction and intensity.

All the artwork we develop in Acta Studio is created using 3DsMax and Corona Renderer. We strive to achieve the best result we can before moving to Photoshop for final adjustments and post production.
It all starts with references for lightning and mood. As soon we got the right references, we move to modelling and a good model is halfway of the job, specially when there are not many elements for the eyes. Never be lazy when modelling.
Next step is to set up the light and the first step for that is to check your references. One thing to keep in mind is what kind of feeling you want to express? Light does set what you are trying to tell.
Last step is composition. Again, check your references and realize what do you want to say with your imagery. Is it classy? Cosy? Finally, cameras. For this series we used the third rules mostly.

It is always nice when you have people telling you what they felt seeing your artwork and that is exactly what you meant to say. The White Series is about coziness and simplicity and fortunately people felt that.

Thank you for taking your time and read this project! If you wish to know more about us, please check our behance at

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