Thesis Pot Still

The projects’ full title is : Design of distillation apparatus for home distillation of Tsipouro, with detachable parts of additional use. This presentation is only the final part of my Thesis for the Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering, University of The Aegean.

Tsipouro is one of the most popular Greek distillates. Its popularity has lead to its massive production and distillation, using Industrial Stills of large capacity. Apart from the distillation of industrial scale,home distillation is considered another popular Greek hobby. However, home distillation is a hobby quite limited by the Greek law, like everywhere else in the world. An individual who owns the appropriate licence to practice home distillation is allowed to do it for 48 hours a year. This situation, seen from the aspect of hardware, has two sides. One side is the individual who uses a properly manufactured still to execute the distillation, a still which will be useless for the most time of the year(considering a legitimate time limit). The other side is the individual who assembles a DIY still out of common and everyday pieces(e.g. cooking pots and plastic barrels), which produce a distillate of doubtful quality and/or dangerous to health.

This project’s goal was to design an apparatus capable of home distillation which:
_provides a healthy and of undoubtful quality, distillate.
_through the additional use of its parts, it will be useful for the most time of the year and will justify its production and purchase cost.

The projects final idea is a Pot Still of detachable parts. These parts have additional use which refer to kitchenware and serving utensils.
The systems’ basic material is Stainless Steel. It is a material commonly used for the pot or reflux still manufacture. It is also a durable, easy to clean, material, appropriate for the making of kitchenware for a long term use in the kitchen. This is the main reason Stainless Steel is the choice of material instead of Copper(the most common and popular choice of material for Still manufacturing).

The project begun the the Research part which was about the Distillation basics and the Pot and Reflux Still function. The Research part led to the setting of the projects’ Guidelines. The next part was that of the Ideation and the design of 3 Concepts. The Concept that best met the Guidelines, was the one to be upgraded to the projects’ end result , the final idea.

The software used to visualize the projects’ result was: PTC Creo Parametric , Rhinoceros 3D, Keyshot, Illustrator, Photoshop.

This project was presented as a Thesis project, in front of a committee of 3 professors of the Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering (University of the Aegean,October 2016). The projects’ mark is 10/10 , it is receiving positive comments so far and it was a great chance for me to practice my Design Thinking and skills, things I have learned during my 5 years of studies.

The project is also uploaded on Behance :
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George Armaos

Product and Systems Design Engineer
Junior Product Designer