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Natalia Cortes
November 8, 2019
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Working with @linahernandez a NY based jewelry designer has become one of the most amazing experiences due weather issues or any other topic, our team focus and give the best for a successfully work to share.
I like connect with others creatives, and work/collaborated together that's the right way to build your own experiences and grow as a professional, share with the media, and keep connect with people from others cities.

The idea came up very simply, our principal idea it was capture a real woman, organic, no over created, or show something different as the model/woman is, following the moldboard created by the photographer Natalia Cortes, all the team was on the same path, showing the new collection of @linahernandez as a natural beauty, and we made it, it was a windy day due our location was right next to the Hudson River, Brooklyn.
However it was the perfect sunny day to play with, use all the tools around us.

after select the photos, I look one by one looking all the details, color, textures, etc.
I like to develop the colors and play with them on Lightroom, checking Before/After, I like warm colors so I play with them until my final color preference depending the client or my own path. For retouching skin I love use photoshop as my right hand to get the final result of my photos.

It is really amazing, and the most beautiful feeling when people appreciated all you work along the time, since the beginning of the career to the present. This project was created by 5 beautiful women's, we work and communicated with kind words.
From this special project I've learn how from the most simples spaces, backgrounds, landscapes anything could be possible, the perfect movement, the perfect light, the perfect result.

Do not be afraid to follow your heart, get inspired by others and push your own dreams.

Natalia Cortes

“Photography chose me “
Natalia discovered her passion for art and crafts at an early age through her father (Fashion Designer) and during her elementary education with her step-father (Photographer). After graduating from high school in 2010, Natalia moved to NYC. It was during a trip back to her country, she realized she needed to study Photography and make it a career instead of a hobby. Her first professional opportunity came in 2013, working as street-style photographer for a Fashion Magazine. She continued to sharpen her skills covering NYFW as street-style photographer. Natalia is focusing her energies and talent in Fashion Photography, where she continues to navigate each event with distinguished success.

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