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Tiki Juices

Tiki Juices

Yolanda Sabuz Vidal
April 2, 2018
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This Project was about the design and development of an ecological juices family, market and brand. For that, we needed to design the label and the structural packaging of a juice bottle according to our chosen concept "tropical summer party". We created a brand, Tiki Juices, that will include three different compositions for the diferent juices flavours, all under the firm of "by Tiki"

After a long day of work is always good to disconnect, break a bit with the routine of day to day. Calling friends, having a drink, listening to music on a terrace... A moment to enjoy yourself that reminds you of those summer sunsets before going to have dinner. This is how or concept is born, that "tropical summer party" we all have inside ourselves.

After choose the concept we were working in the structural packaging, at the same time that we were developing the graphics. We wanted to include a jungle and lettering in the label since the first moment, so we knew our structural pack should not be very complicated in shapes. We came out with the inspiration of a cockel shaker.
To develope the label, we créate a basic model of our bottle in Alias and render with Keyshot, that we use as mockup for our labels. Using Photoshop for the composition and Illustrator for the lettering we began to créate proposals, until we were happy with the final ones.

Tutors were very excited with this Project, same as us, since the very begining. So when we showed it in class to all our mates and to them they were very satisfied with the result. They were feeling the "tropical vibes".

What we have learned from this Project was to allways keep going, keep making proposals. The most dificult part for us in this Project was the letterings, so for us, that is where we have learned the most.

As allways, thank's for whatching!

TIKI JUICES by Elena Lobera and Yolanda Sabuz
Tutorized by Pau Llavador, Alex Pirard, David Sagarzazu
Master in Packaging Design, Barcelona 2017

Yolanda Sabuz Vidal

Explorer, traveller and food lover
Industrial Designer and 3D Modeller based in Barcelona
Actually working as IcemSurf modeller for Italdesign Giugiaro Barcelona and I just finished a master in Packaging Design at Elisava

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