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TIM App — Redesign Concept

TIM App — Redesign Concept

Francesco Fedullo
June 28, 2017
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The main goal of this redesign concept is to emprove the aspect of the TIM app, making a better look product that can be more accessible to users, and making it more social with interaction to social networks, other than an apposite section to personalize your TIM profile.

Simple and effective: the goal in this project was to edit a concise and direct user experience but above all very different from the official one on the online store. I made a simple and intuitive concept, using a very clear and minimal icons to make the navigation better. I used the main TIM colors, the blue, the white and the red.

For making this concept I used Adobe Illustrator for the design, and Adobe Experience Design for making the prototype work. The prototype is composed by many sections. There's the credit section, where you can see the credit on your phone, the shop section, where you can find a TIM shop near you. Also, there's the promotion section, where you can see the promotion linked to your TIM number.

I think the project is very easy to use for making all the people access to this application and use it in a very simple way. The reactions were fairly positive. Many appreciations and someone even told me to propose it to TIM.

Francesco Fedullo

Hi! I'm 21 years old Graphic Designer from South Italy.
I'm specializing in Graphic and web design at Comics - Academy of figurative and digital arts.

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