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Timeless Pieces by Boago Modise

Timeless Pieces by Boago Modise

Honey Adraque
July 21, 2015

The Timeless Pieces project plys a big part of Boago Modise's life. What inspired him to come up with this project was to portray how important time is. Read on and enjoy!

As I started with this project I had no intentions of sharing it with an one but I remembered that my art teacher once mentioned that we had to submit a coursework project for our Cambridge International Examination, so from then I knew which audience were going to receive my artwork.

- Boago Modise



No matter how much we try we can not change what happened in the past but what we can do if live off what happened in the past and try to build off that. As for instance at the age of 7, I was involved in a bad accident, since then I live each day as if it's my last, making the most the 24 hours I have cause I have no idea what the world has in store for me the next day.

- Boago Modise



The way I made this project was to look for components that represent time and that measure it differently, so I decided to use the sun dial, stopwatch,hourglass and a normal wrist watch. Then I thought to myself, what if I make the wrist watch and the sun dial one component, so I took the gnomon and made it the center of attraction in the wrist watch.

- Boago Modise



Since this worked only during the day I created a small digital time telling socket to tell time at night. The stopwatch and hourglass you can say are compliments to the wrist watch but they also have a significant meaning to them as the stopwatch can measure up to as little as splits seconds, portraying that it only takes a split second for someones life to go from good to bad vise verse. Same goes to the hourglass. Everything in this project was created using Blender 3D.

- Boago Modise



About Boago Modise

Boago Modise is a 17 year old high school student from Botswana. He fell in love with art at the tender age of 10 but due to lack of resource in his primary school, he was unable to enhance his skill. On a brighter side, he is currently building his portfolio at home and he'll be going to university next year. You can find more of his works on his Behance profile.

2 comments on “Timeless Pieces by Boago Modise”

  1. It's very sad that you met an accident and despite of it you are doing very great in your life! You created the masterpiece at the age of 17. Wish you a very bright future ahead, God bless you.

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