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Tina Jewellery Campaign by Murat Suyur

Tina Jewellery Campaign by Murat Suyur

Marianne Piano
February 21, 2016

Tina Jewellery Campaign is a break from the usual Jewelry campaigns. It did not show off a certain piece with a clean background, instead it focuses on showing where these valuable stones came from. Read on and enjoy!

Whole process took one month to get the idea, studying about valuable rocks and their environments, production, shooting and post production.

- Murat Suyur

Tina Jewellery (1)

Tina Jewellery (2)

Me and the art director made a search about Jewelry campaigns and realize all of them was the same, beautiful models with dozens of jewelry on them or just showing the designs in front of textured backgrounds.

- Murat Suyur

Tina Jewellery (3)

Then think this should be different. No still life or no beauty shoot, To get the attention from target group we used models as miners with a cool and sexy attitude to show that these valuable rocks and jewelries are like a gift, and you are worth it.

- Murat Suyur

Tina Jewellery (4)

Photoshop is used to made the background landscapes and place the models into the scene.

- Murat Suyur


My advice to artist is never stop observing everything around you.

- Murat Suyur


Murat Süyür was born in Istanbul 1984, lives and works in Istanbul - Turkey. His approach to photography is a classic one in early 2005, he says the computer is just a tool that he uses to carry out corrections. See more of his artworks in Behance and his website.

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