Tip of the Spear

A generalized breakdown of what technology is used in directional drilling systems within the oil and gas industries. The illustration highlights the very tip of the Bottom-hole-assembly (BHA) and the components used in the overall drilling systems. This is one of 3 illustrations highlighting critical components in developing hydrocarbon for our energy use.

The idea came across my desk one day when I was researching BHA assemblies for a potential client and through-out my research I saw a lack of visual representation that actually explains the components of a drilling system. So I was like, why not do one yourself.

I started the design with some doodling to breakdown the perspective I wanted and establish the overall composition. From there I modeled the drilling system and environment in 3d Studio Max. Taking inspiration from hex grid stock art, I developed the Hex grid with glowing elements on the underside as the hex grids moved up and down. Once the 3d elements were designed and rendered, I brought the composition into Photoshop and added all the graphic elements that are seen over the 3d scene.

Overall it seems to have received a good reception. As for what I learned about this project, you can spend a lot of time on layout and graphic design. Using pink in industrial designs doesn’t seem to be a naturally intuitive color to use, except in this case worked very well to provide contrast between the graphics elements and darker background.

Timothy Freeman