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TOTEM - Tablet holder for cars

TOTEM - Tablet holder for cars

Almudena Palacios
June 28, 2018

This is a tablet holder for cars. It offers support for the device in the rear area of ​​the car, making entertainment easier for the user in a safer and more comfortable way, avoiding injuries and bad postures.

It is designed for any type of car and tablet model. Its intuitive use makes it easy for any user to use the product. Form and function are fully integrated, whose discretion doesn't create contrast between the vehicle and the product.

Neck pain and uncomfortable postures during long and boring car trips made me want a holder for my ipad. What existed in the market didn't quite convince me, so I decided to make one by myself.

The material used is PLA (for the prototype), but ABS would be used for the final product. It is one of the most used plastic materials, one of the cheapest and easiest to inject. urthermore, it is available in a large number of colors, so the user can customize their product.

After doing a brief investigation and building my requirements table, I always start with brainstorming. Once I get some ideas, I filter and choose the one that fits my design requirements in an optimal way.

Design is a constant process, so you never finish designing a product to be perfect. To get to the final result, I make 3D models and print them on my Anet A8 to test it. It is the fastest way to optimize time and obtain a functional product.

The product has been seen by different users. When you are in a repository of 3D models, you can download and print it to have one at home. Solving a personal problem can help different people around the world, so it's always good to share ideas.

It is fully adaptable to any tablet size, is easy to assemble and made for 3D printing to facilitate access to all types of users. It contains a mobile hook (the device remains vertical regardless of the inclination of the seat).

Si quieres disponer del .stl, visita Si no dispones de impresora y te interesa, escríbeme a [email protected] y llegaremos a un acuerdo.

Almudena Palacios

Industrial Designer and Product Developer. I love 3D Print, photography and web design.

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