Together Shop – Logo

Together Shop is a creative association that makes handmade gifts. It’s a unity of two masters. Combination of different cultures and styles. They make postcards and sketchbooks with calligraphy prints. So, my objective was to make modern laconic handwritten logo.

They wanted handwritten logo in different calligraphy styles. They showed me examples of logos that they like. I made many variants and they chose the best. We chose black and white colors because it’s easy and cheap to print. I think black is universal color.

I always use many instruments, like brush pens, pencils, liners and parallel pens. I make sketches and then i vectorise them in Adobe Illustrator. Then i make presentation in Adobe Photoshop. I show how that logo looks on their products.

Many people give a positive response to me. I was invited to give some lections about calligraphy and lettering.
I really like to work with people, who understand my specialisation and give me opportunity to do the job i’m best at.

Kirill Yevdokimov

I am young graphic designer from Kharkiv, Ukraine.
I specialise on calligraphy and lettering.