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Tokyo Cafe Rebrand by Marlon Mayugba

Tokyo Cafe Rebrand by Marlon Mayugba

Stephen Malapote
June 22, 2015
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Tokyo Cafe is a casual, Japanese-inspired cafe that serves a unique and hearty array of western and Japanese dishes and desserts, a varied selection of specialty drinks, and premium Japanese drip coffee in a setting that is elegant yet relaxed, classic yet youthful. In a rebrand project. Marlon was tasked to create a fresh look for the restaurant. Take inspiration from this unique and stylish project and read on!

I was asked by Tokyo Cafe to Re-brand their Identity into a more systematical & contemporary look. They have been around the business since 2005 and are very much in need of a fresh new look. The solution is to create a classic & updated, sustainable design using stamps & silk screen in printing logos, subtle use of colors, the use of biodegradable materials and that of a hand-crafted texture look into it that creates a more humanistic feel. The Logo design should also embody a familiar symbolic connection to Tokyo, in relation to the coffee & fine dining culture that it is.

-Marlon Mayugba

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My Concept was to create an Identity for Tokyo Cafe based on the core intent for simplicity and elegance, keeping it very basic with soft, earth-toned colors, with a splash of pastel colors in contrast, and that of a hand-crafted, recycled texture feel of the materials to be used to back it up. The design should appeal to both modern cafe culture and a fine dining experience.

-Marlon Mayugba

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About the designer

Marlon is a multi-disciplinary designer  from the Philippines who works on various design jobs such as brand identity, packaging, web, illustration, posters, tees, print and editorial design. You can find out more about him by visiting his Behance profile.

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