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TOOQ Headwear by Newton Lam

TOOQ Headwear by Newton Lam

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September 1, 2015
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TOOQ is a fun packaging experience that combines form with function. Ever find yourself wondering where to put your hat when you’re not wearing it? With TOOQ, the packaging becomes a collectible stand for you to put your hat on. Each character has their own backstory, which describes a problem they have - hidden under the hat. The packaging has special flaps that fold in to each other, creating a dome which allows for any headwear to fit on perfectly. When transporting these boxes, you can use the regular flaps with the added string ties for secure transportation. Every character is unique, every character has his problems, but they’re all equally adorable.

The idea came to me when I realized that I had nowhere to put any of my hats. Some people have organizers or nails in the wall, but a lot of the time I just see them placed on tables or even the floor. I thought it would interesting to have packaging that would be kept as collectibles that would liven up any living space.
-Newton Lam

tooq by newton lam

My style is, well, cute. Throughout my life, I have always made little gifts for people which involved vector designs of characters and cute things seemed to make people the happiest. My inspiration comes from my dad, someone I have always looked up to and aspired to become. I think if you just work on things that you enjoy or are passionate about - it’ll end up looking good. It’ll also be fun which motivates you to work even harder :)
-Newton Lam

About Newton Lam

Newton Lam is a young and enthusiastic designer based in Toronto who is always searching for innovative design and beautiful art. He believes that there is no limit for design and that having a title in a specific field doesn’t mean you can’t excel in anything else. With this type of thinking, he always strives for new challenges and working in environments that he may not be comfortable in. Asides from working with print design, he’s also interested in illustration and photography. See more of his work on Behance or his website.

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