Top 10 Inktober 2017

These works is a top 10 list of my Inktober 2017. The chosen theme was movie characters. Most of them are from horror and fantasy films, because October is Halloween! They are also my favourites pieces from my Inktober 2017!

Based on the Inktober Prompt list I elaborated a sub-list of movie characters. I used ink to all of my Inktober works and watercolor is my passion, so I couldn’t not use it. About style, I tried always to make something with my own trace of draw. I really like cartoons and manga books, so my style is always planned to be something you would find on a comic book!

I used as reference some web images, but I tried to give a “special look”, really tried to make my own version of the characters. So I usually make an quick sketch, than I make details and finalize with an ink pen. Watercolor is the last step, and sometimes I like to do it very quick, almost like an intuitive painting.

I believe I have improved a lot of my art technique while working on my Inktober draws. I think it also helped me to spread a few more of my work and to prove to my self that I am able to pass by this kind of challenge.

All of my Inktober works you can find on my Instagram (@mireli_oli) and also the rest of my daily draws. Thank you very much for the interest, I hope would inspire someone somehow!

Mireli Oliveira

Illustrator and watercolorist from Porto Alegre, Brazil. Student of Digital Illustration, who loves to draw pop culture stuffs and fairytales characters and landscapes. Also graduated in Museology.