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Torlago International Consultants

Torlago International Consultants

Quadri Osho
February 10, 2021
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Torlago was birthed to facilitate the flow of business and investments from Canada to Nigeria and vice versa, making the business best positioned for growth. Torlago provides advisory and transactional services in Real Estate, Technology, Entertainment & Sports sectors. They carefully identify opportunities in these sectors and curate the most effective client-specific approach to unlocking them.

For this project, we decided to focus on simplicity and modernity in terms of the visual style while paying attention to basic typographic & layout principles. The first step was to have extensive design sprints with the client which resulted in us drafting various stylescapes that allowed us to visually express the creative direction without going too deep into the execution.

We then proceeded to draft logos, the idea behind the design was to attract a little attention. The design emphasizes boldness, modernity, abstractness, and readability. The main element of the logo is an abstract combination of the letters 'T' and 'C'- which also forms an ambigram. We also decided on certain brand assets like colours and typography, which allowed us to work concurrently on the low-fidelity websites wireframes while drafting other brand assets. The wireframes were translated into high-fidelity user interface designs, which we proceeded to build on WordPress.

For the brand's key visual element, we decided to use the brandmark. We broke the icon down into equal & even parts to create repetitions that stand as an identifier for the brand, every element used is a 1:4 portion of the brandmark.

The communications style is a simple style that focuses on typography and layout. The idea is to keep things simple a follow basic design principles and make the designs easy to create with all the brand assets provided to the client. Our client was also provided with an extensive brand guidelines document which details everything about their brand, and how to use all the assets created.

This project was executed by Quadri Osho & Adeoluwa Abraham of Kishi Creative Agency.

Quadri Osho

Graphic Designer and Creative Lead at

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