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Rut Sunyer
December 4, 2018

Balance board designed for children inspired in the turtle shell. The most complete and functional balance board. The anti-slips hexagon in the base allows swinging side by side in a safe and controlled way. Children can stand or sit holding the grip while they are developing motor functions and improving the equilibrium with soft and easy movements. Due to the base axis, it allows you to spin 360º.

The idea emerges from the Amaya Sport necessity to add a balance board on their catalogue. We started studying the possible and most attractive movements for children. From the studio we realised that the shape of an upside-down turtle was our formal inspiration, that gave us the wanted movements and was also a funny and attractive game experience for children.
Nature is such a source of inspiration!
A simple, intriguing and functional object that meet both client needs and the creative style of Gauzak. The material of manufacture was given by the client, an expert in plastic injection and rotational moulding processes. We looked for bright colours for the final user, kids.

As we do in all our projects, we started with brainstorming. We express the formal concepts, like the results of the investigation related to the functionality and the similar products that exist in the market. It is a great method to interlink concepts and to specify more the briefing.
After that, we start to reflect the pertinent terms on paper, sketches and use sequences. We select the draws that adhere to the briefing and digitize in 3D software, trying to anticipate the kid movements on the board. We also made photorealistic images where we point at the materials and its end to get the client's approval.

The customer was really satisfied. It is a product with a high added value, providing a competitive balance board.
Related to the project, we learned that everything is possible with a very challenging briefing that looked for a strong different point at the object with regard to the existing ones. We end designing a product that responds perfectly to the client needs and with our expectations.
Internally, in the Gauzak creative team, we are pleased to note that teamwork is essential and rewarding. Each member provided his perspective, resolutions and we found the best solutions.

It is made of high resistance PE and non-slip soft rubber.
With a weight of 1,8kg and dimensions of 600 x 300 x 160cm, it supports weights till 60kg.
Not only the children could use it!

Project carried out as a trainee in Gauzak.

Rut Sunyer

Design as intrinsic value

She has studied in Escola Llotja de Barcelona and she has a Degree in Product Design. She also has worked with Gauzak as a trainee, where they have taught her much.

As she is practical and problem solver, her style is based on the functionality and the simplicity.
She loves to experiment and explore different fields of Design.
Curious and open to new ideas and experiences. Enjoys meeting new like-minded people, and always open to learn. Hardworking and capable of working in teams and individually.

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