Totally Drunk 4 years by Marion Denoual

I did this poster as a submission to Christian Pardini’s Open Call. Every year, he launches a poster contest in order to celebrate hi blog’s anniversary : Totally Drunk. This year was the 4th year.

-Marion Denoual


The theme was free but I figured I would do about the name “Totally Drunk” ! I thought about the quote “qu’importe le flacon pourvu qu’on ait l’ivresse” from Alfred de Musset, which means something like “whatever the bottle, only the drunkenness counts”. I chose instead to do it about the bottles, because the bottle does matter in the drunkenness after all !
I used illustrator for the illustration, patterns I did a while ago and I add typography on Indesign. I use the Circular Font and did just a little twist on the “04”, to rememeber the “drunk” side of the project.

-Marion Denoual



About Marion Denoual

Marion Denoual is a 25 year old Junior Art Director et M&C Saatchi Little Stories, she also do a little bit of freelance on the size, collabs etc. Regarding about her education, she studied communication strategy, advertising and she did one year in an Intensive Graphic Design program. Then, she did an internship and they kept her for the long hall. She’s from Bretagne , west of France and she came to Paris in 2011. She is very interested in Graphic Design, illustrations, fashion and art in general. Her first encounter with Graphic Design was for her friends gigs ( postrock/posthardcore/hardcore) in crusty bars in Bretagne. You can visit her website to know more about her artworks,check her Behance profile, Inspiration blog,and Analog Diary.