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Totem Adventure

Totem Adventure

Carlo Vespertino
March 16, 2018
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Portraits of Kayakers and Rafters - Totem Adventure Team. The group of athletes is based in Italy, they deal with river-themed trips and they are collaborators of different civil protections around the world,
for what concerns the river rescue.
Their activity has led them to achieve great results over the years, and some of them have been part of the No Limits Team.
Their portraits are represented here.

Engage extreme sport champions to create portrait photographs in context outside of sports, or better not in action.
The choice of black and white is dictated by the desire to want to get out of the colorful world of extreme sport and give the subjects the opportunity to communicate the essence of the personalities who face extreme activity

I worked with my Pentax 645z and one head flash connected to Profoto D4 with Chimera XS Super softbox.
Post-production is done with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.
I developed the image development phase with lightroom, while I perfected individual images with Photoshop.

The Totem Adventure sports team based in Pre Saint Didier, Val D'Aosta (Italy),
is a group of expert sportsmen and professional kayakers famous worldwide for the training of river rescue experts.
The whole group was extremely helpful and used the images for their communication and site of the activity carried out.

Carlo Vespertino

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