TOY STORY Movie Poster

This is a tribute to one of my favourite movies ever, Walt Disney’s ‘Toy Story’.
I have been a fan of Walt Disney Pictures and I love the way their movies make me feel.
This project should be the beginning of several tributes to this world.

I based my concept on colours and shapes that I always remind of this movie, above all a brilliant blue sky with clouds.
I adore thinking in symmetry, I can feel a complete work reflecting every shape.
Little aliens are the perfect frame for Woody and Buzz!

I always draw by hand, making a quick pencil sketch of the final poster.
Every single shape has a letter corresponding to a precise colour, it is a very long process!
But I love it! It is similar to a silk screening print, and once I have all the layers I then scan and finalize on Adobe Photoshop with brushes.

‘Toy Story’ is very successful! People are responding in a way I never expected!
They’re happy to see something they belong to, I guess!
I really hope to go on and share new works based on animation movies.
It would be very interesting!

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