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María Torres
June 29, 2018

The look that a product gives is essential for it's own success. Trama wants to claim that pureness of the extra virgin olive oil of high quality through it's appearance.
Generally, the olive's tree flower, is known in it's blooming stage.
The particular and unusual form of this bottle is inspired on the olive's tree flower when its just blooming.

This project was iniciated for a glass packaging contest that Verallia promoted for products such as olive oil or pickles.
I searched in the world of the olive oil and all the elements that compose it and then I found an image that ignited my inspiration.
I simplified to the maximum the design so the essencial part was the shape with no ornaments, even the labelling was thought out externally so it didn't ruin the aesthetic of the bottle.
The colors that compose the glass bottle are the same as the flower and although the petals seem to be made out of porcelain, it's actually white lacquered glass.

The 3D model was made in CATIA.
It was the most complicated process since the geometry is very particular.
The bottle is 150mm tall approximately and it has a maximum diameter of 100mm that contributes to the ergonomy of the bottle.
The scenarios montage and lights that compose the final images were done with 3D Studio Max, a software that I was starting to use for the first time in the realization of this project.

When I faced the challenge this project involved I discovered a world I never had explored before and that I consider one of the most beautiful ones; the packaging.
Additionally, it supposed a great opportunity in the professional world because it made me get iniciated in the design and rendering 3D part which is awesome.

The project was awarded with the nº1 prize in Verallia España 2017, which led my project to the finals in the international contest located in Paris and there it finished in the third place.
It also had a great relevance in the social medias which also awarded me the Facebook prize.

María Torres

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