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Tramontina | Urban Collection | Outline

Tramontina | Urban Collection | Outline

Arthur Felice
March 16, 2018
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Urban is the new collection of Tramontina products for public spaces. The products have been developed with the belief that sustainable technologies, sensitive design considering urban furniture culture and the constant care with quality are the basis for a better and more comfortable urban environment.
The collection starts with a range of benches that come with and without backrest, are designed for various environments and that can range from public or private areas, institutional or commercial use, internal or external environments to shopping malls or city parks. In the Urban benches line, attention to design and comfort is as important as the durability of the materials used to make the items.
This is simplicity in its pure perfection. Benches with an exclusive and sober, solid and airy design, while at the same time harmonizing with modern and historic architectures wich is just appropriate for a small town square or a spacious lobby.

For 2018, Tramontina Belém wanted to include in its product portfolio a new collection of products for urban furniture. So, it requested to ZON Design this project, that included benches, flower pots and waste bins for outdoor use.
The project had as its premises the use of 02 main materials: Wood and Metal,
As requested, the project was made of Steel bar [bending and welding];
The target of the project was a range from public or private areas, institutional or commercial use, internal or external environments to shopping malls or city parks.
Wood: Cumaru: hardwood of high density, found on Central America and Amazon Area. Has a light brown with shades of yellow color. Highly indicated to outdoor furniture because of its high resistance to weathering.
Finish Wood: Ecoblindage And Ecoblindage Clear: an impregnating to wood, with an insecticide and fungicide action, water repellent and sun filter additive. With high elasticity, the product adds durability and protection to the furniture, penetrating in the wood and enhancing the wood veins. Indicated to highly ggressive and exposed to weathering.
Finish Structure: Micro-textured Polyester painting, graphite color.

I started the project by listing three main formal conceptual strategies. Within each strategy, I designed alternatives for benches. With the alternatives defined for each conceptual strategy, it was time to start modeling it in the 3D program. In thit case, I used SolidWorks, which for me, is the software that most answers the technical questions of the product designs I make.

The directors of Tramontina Belem loved the project. In this year, 2018, it will be released for sales.. The project is very recent (from the beginning of 2018), it still has no repercussions from end customers. The feedback I have is from the directors of the factory, who told me that they really liked the final result.

It was a real pleasure for me, to make part of this project. I hope you like it and can give you a lot of inspiration for future projects.
Thanks a lot,
Arthur Felice

Arthur Felice

Graduated in Product Design, in 2015, in the south of Brazil [Porto Alegre-RS], I'm a passionate about design and the multiple solutions that a well project can provide. I believe that design and the designer play the role of transforming agents, both of the environment in which they are inserted, and the quality of life of those who consume them.

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