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Transcendence by Arno Kiss

Transcendence by Arno Kiss

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July 10, 2015
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Transcendence by Graphic Designer/Illustrator Arno Kiss is one of his personal project that aims to test his skills. Arno wanted to test to see how much he could achieve in a set time frame with limited colours. The design was initially inspired by the movie Interstellar.

“Transcendence” is currently only a fancy jpeg but I plan on releasing it as a limited edition screenprint in the near future. This basically started as a personal project/test to see how much I could achieve in a set timeframe with limited colours. I like to challenge myself like this from time to time to learn new techniques and get a breather from the client work.
-Arno Kiss



I came up with the design and composition while watching Interstellar (great movie), but I was toying with an idea like this long before that. After the movie had finished I quickly scribbled it in my notebook so I wouldn’t forget it. First chance I got in between client work I just threw myself into this project. It’s hard to pinpoint what exactly inspired me to create this project. I would say I wanted to find a way to visualize the possibility of multiple dimensions in a very stylistic way.
-Arno Kiss



I’ll just answer this with some of the best advice I ever got: “It always gets worse, before it gets better. Just make sure to keep going.”
-Arno Kiss

About Arno Kiss

Arno Kiss is a 24-year-old freelance illustrator/designer from Antwerp, Belgium. He went to school for Commercial design and Illustration, graduated in 2013 and has been self-employed ever since. You can see and avail his work at Behance or his website.

One comment on “Transcendence by Arno Kiss”

  1. This artwork kinda reminds me of Samus, the one from the games. Everyone thought she was a man at first until she took of her helmet on the end of the series. And for today, if you see an astraunat people would instantly think of a man in the suit, doing to this transcendence artwork it shows that a woman could also be behind the suit.

    That's just my idea behind it, thanks for the art!

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