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Transitions, Who are you today?

Transitions, Who are you today?

Roz Kazaz
November 10, 2016

This gif is a self-promotional piece. It shows a young woman going through various transitions - from her purest to her darkest self. It was intended as a comment on identity and how malleable and transitional it is.
We have all sides within us; some are accessed more readily, but they all reside within us.

Late fall is a very inspiring time of year. Halloween is fascinating in that it allows people to express some hidden side of their psyche, or to explore other aspects of their being. I wanted to create something to celebrate the holiday, something about life and death....about youth and decay. I remembered this particular illustration I'd made about 10 yrs ago, of a goth girl. I decided to keep her young and beautiful throughout her transitions because often it's the very young who are curious about aging, wickedness, decay and death.

This particular illustration was created entirely in Illustrator. I use a Wacom tablet, so it's very much like drawing on paper. I use mostly the paintbrush tool to start, then work with fills, removing or adding lines as I go along. I use a lot of gradient fills and the gradient mesh. I create my own palettes, in cmyk spot colors so I can modify the colors without having to select them. I use tons of layers, cycling through palettes and variations on a single image.

SO far this project has had limited exposure, but I'm looking forward to getting more feedback with time. It was featured on EatSleepDraw on Tumblr about 2 weeks ago and got a good reaction. It's a bit frustrating working so long on a piece only to have it sit there in cyberspace waiting for the love.... so thank you to Dannica for noticing it and inviting me to post it here!

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Roz Kazaz

Montreal -based artist and illustrator, children's book author and designer.

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