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August 10, 2016

This project is published on the MADEN housing catalog "Një shtëpi për ty" 2010 (eng. "A House for you"). "Shtëpia TRAUMA" (in English "TRAUMA House"); is a mountain residential house. One of the main characteristics of this project is that is is composed of regular geometric shapes but yet, it is not perceived as such. The reason for this is the manner on which the shapes are combined and connected. All of the regular geometrical shapes are dumped and tied in a chaotic manner and as such create an interesting form but yet "Trauma"-tic. Specifically, the house consists of the basement, ground floor, floor 1 and attic.

The basement shares areas for the fitness chamber, sauna, changing room, storage and laundry. The ground floor functions as a living room area, with all its following activities. While the floor 1, serves as the sleeping area. The attic consists of the workroom followed by the wardrobe, bathroom and the terrace.

Materials used in the exterior are mostly wood planks and stones. These two materials make the entire house fit in the harmonious rhythm of nature. While the interior is associated with simplicity and minimalism, always following the white color as a base, with a few minor interventions on the furniture.

The idea resulted to be harmonious in the sense of fitting in environmentally, thus the materials, style and colors were the components that contributed to the result. Autodesk 3DS Max, Chaos Group V-ray, Adobe Photoshop and Graphisopht archicad were used for modeling and rendering purposes

It's unique exterior and its minimalist interior made the project exceptional. Regarding the project, only positive comments were given. In addition, it's publishing on the MadenBook "A house for you" 2010, ended up being one of the most successful projects.

Despite the positive feedback, the project was highly distinguished for it's modeling and rendering results aswell.

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5 comments on “TRAUMA House”

  1. Does anyone know if the designers employed a feng shui consultant on this project? The layout of the interior has a feng shui/minimalist feel, however, the outside seems to go against the principles of feng shui.

  2. Interesting design... I have a question about the roof: where does the water flow and exit the roof when it rains... I can imagine this will change the entire feng shui of the space.
    I find the interior rather elegant but have some reservations about the exterior.

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