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Travel in Time

Travel in Time

Christian Schmidt
June 12, 2016
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"Travel in Time" is a series I shot in Japan. I spent some time in Kyoto and was fascinated of the anachronism between old traditional and modern hightech world in Japan. It is a sandwich of old glasnegatives combined with digital images from today. A mergence of past and present.
The images are limited in editions. Postproduction: Christian Schmidt & Thomas Saalfrank @ Recom Stuttgart

I saw old pictures and postcards from Japan and was really inspired by the color and atmosphere of these images. Almost like paintings. Most of the images were Black and white and colored afterwards. While being in Japan I saw these two worlds everywhere. The past and traditional Japan, with a lot of culture and history, amazing temples and so much love to detail and perfection. On the other side you see the modern world which feels out of control for someone who is not used to it.
In each scene I wanted to have both worlds. So although they appear like old images you see little elements like the engine on the wooden boat or the TV Tower behind the temple that show that we are in different time. Today.

I started with research which places, temples and scenes could work best to capture the idea. I travelled a lot in the Kyoto area to find and pick the places that worked well.
The images were taken with a Canon 1Ds. The historical glasnegatives were digitally scanned. Both was combined in postproduction with photoshop and sheima. The postproduction and process of coloring the images was done together with Thomas Saalfrank from Recom in Stuttgart.

The response was very good. Some images of the series were exhibited at the Paris Photo with the Berlin Photo Gallery Camera Work. I sold some images of the series to art collectors.
All images from "Travel in Time" are available in limited editions.

Christian Schmidt

Photographer and Imagemaker working internationally in advertising and art for more than 15 years. Christian’s work is awarded and exhibited numerous times. Some of his images are available in limited editions. He is represented in New York and Hamburg.

One comment on “Travel in Time”

  1. Wow! This photography is amazing. I love the images, reminds me of the beauty of Japan decades ago! Good lighting and nice enhancements! Keep it up!

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