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Travel Journal Mobile App by Abhijit Shirsath

Travel Journal Mobile App by Abhijit Shirsath

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December 6, 2015

Travel Journal Mobile App was an attempt by Senior Designer Abhijit Shirsath to explore simple solution in maintaining your travel journey. Every person tries various application and their features to track/store their memories. They wanted to create a platform integrated with their social profiles and give them opportunity to store memories in one place but also keep it on social profiles.

We went through competitive bench marking exercise, Tried to analyze current solutions on market their features and how user interact with those. We conducted user interviews and feedback for basic needs of user and created the concept around it. We cut down the unnecessary tasks and only focused on primary ones. I have been inspired by the "Nir eyal" Book "Hooked". We attempted to create simple hook model to engage user and tried to give them only what was required for them to make their life simple. We studied the way Instagram engaged their user and many more apps on similar lines.
-Abhijit Shirsath

Abhijit Shirsath

We didn't really compared our design with others, we had some main points observed in competition that we wanted to solve. My style of work is more focused on problem solving and then visual design. I believe a good design is just not that good if you have to tell me what to do. I been inspired alot by writings of Jason Fried co-founder of "37 signals" now known as basecamp, My current CEO Mr. Mahendra Yadav who made me think beyond the problem that we see. Anil Chouhan founder of Iternia, always mentored my skills of listening to users / problem statements and then working around for solution.

I would like to tell all aspiring artists, that being creative is not just a profession but it's an opportunity to make the world better. One problem solved, will help one user take right decision in his life. So design with good intentions. Their might be tough times to move away from creative block, Get yourself inspired but good reading.
-Abhijit Shirsath

About Abhijit Shirsath

Abhijit Shirsath is a seasoned professional and entrepreneur with 8+ years of leadership and IT experience in online product services network. He has a verifiable history of enhancing customer service, as well as client and user experience through the application of advanced technical acumen coupled with highly developed interpersonal skills. Additionally, he had consistently exceeded budgetary and performance goals. His professional focal points include technology management, E-commerce, Web trends & technologies and Mobile application designs for IOS/Android. Delivering superior administration on the latter areas of expertise requires utilization of effective communication skills, negotiation skills, as well as business acumen, systems analysis, work flow, module designs of different web interfaces, project management and budget management to support efficiency and maximum returns. See more of his works on Behance.

4 comments on “Travel Journal Mobile App by Abhijit Shirsath”

  1. C’est une application vraiment pratique. Si on aime voyager et aime le faire souvent, c’est vraiment très utile. Cela permet de aussi de garder des souvenirs de nos voyages lus facilement et de les partager avec d’autre. Sympa.

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