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Roel Heyninck
April 24, 2019
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Design a (coffee) travel mug starting from a cilindrical primitive shape that will be detailled up with split lines that create different bodies and parts. Add a distinctive 3d pattern on one or more bodies to make it more playfull. Add attractive corner details and visualize all of this from good angles with nice colors combo’s and grafics to make it stand out.

The process started from mood boards. In the moodboards I describe my potential user, style, material and colors. The second step was ideation. In this step it is important to make good sketches so you can use them as a background in the CAD program. The third was a 3D CAD model. Step four was the most fun part of the project visualization. Here I added materials to my model in the render program to make a realistic model. Step five making the presentation to communicate with other people.

In the first phase I looked online for pictures and I used indesign to make attractive moodboards. In the ideation phase I sketched on paper and Autodesk sketchbook. After this the Cad model was made in Siemens NX shape studio. All render visualizations were made in Keyshot.

The feedback was positive. People gave good comments about the style and patterns. I have heard that it is an innovative design.
The best thing about this project is that you learn to watch trends and styles an implemtent this in your own style and ideas. So you can find your self and your style. Thats realy important in the design world.

keep designing !

Roel Heyninck

I am often described as a creative, motivated, organised and diligent individual who always goes the extra mile for perfection. As an industrial product designer I strive to create aesthetically pleasing solutions that give a lasting positive experience to the end users.
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