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Tree in Rezidance

Tree in Rezidance

Yaren sayın
March 7, 2023
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Design 3D Visualization :Yaren Sayın
Software: 3DMax-Corona Renderer
Location: Ukraine
Year: 2021
The secret to creating a modern living room décor is to take a minimalist approach so that the beauty of the space is showcased.
Minimalist interior design translates to more than an uncluttered, sparsely decorated room.
Whereas in the past, living rooms would often be crammed full of furniture and accessories, the increase in minimal design trends over the past few years has seen a move away from that look. Modern living rooms tend to be sparsely furnished with a focus on functionality and muted, neutral colour palettes. Simplicity and minimalism are the key words, with simple, clean lines the order of the day and anything over-complicated to be avoided.

Birthed from modern design, minimalism embraces simplicity, reducing an interior to what’s necessary for the space to function well. But this clean, no-fuss style doesn’t need to feel uninviting.The living room is invariably not only the most lived-in room in a home, but also the space most on show, as it’s where we host visitors and entertain. Often, particularly in modern homes, it is part of an open plan layout that the front door opens directly onto, so furnishing a living room requires particular thought if we want to make it stylish, welcoming and practical.

3DMax and Autocad

I learned a lot from this project and everyone commented on how successful it was.

Inspired by the growing trend towards minimalist décor, we’ve put together a guide to help you create a stylish contemporary living room.

yaren sayın

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