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Irena Übler
July 30, 2018

Tria is a shelving system for TV supports – designed by Irena Übler for Seri Stylu - a company based in the North of Portugal, dedicated to the production of audiovisual equipment for your home and for the professional sector like hotels, public spaces like meeting rooms or exhibitions.

The idea of this design was to develop an "add-on" shelving system for an already existing disc stand, integrate a design piece with flexibility and simplicity in hand, the TRIA shelving system offers new features and complements perfectly the TV stand Disco R5 BI.

Tria is a metal racks giving the client the possibility to keep the TV area organised and store manuals or tv programme. My goal was to provide a storage nourishing the sights of aesthetics and accomplish a minimal design balance by the conjugation of colours and shapes. Nonetheless keep in mind the funcional and flexible use by giving the consumer the option to move the elements and find their perfect position and choosing to close and open up the shelving respective their utility.

I sought inspiration in the natural materials - warm metal copper and dark pine green and white mate varnish - and applied it in the finishing of the product.

During the inicial design process I used a lot analog sketching, draw and experiment with colour in Illustrator & Photoshop. The 3D is build up with Solid Works and those files where handed over to production department of Seri Stylu.
While the prototyping process we experimented together different ways of producing the piece in order to keep the shapes as interesting as possible but on the other side as easy and efficient to fabricate.

Due to several requests from the clients in the decor market, Seri Stylu acknowledged the need to create a piece for your devices and objects and invited me for an collaboration with them. I conceptualised the shapes and designed the product from sketching ideation to 3D modelling and the technical department of Seri Stylu realised it.
People responded well and loved the colours & shapes combination.

Tria was launched in June and now on the market - ready for the first order.

TRIA represents a perfect harmony between technical approach and conceptual design. The shapes in the right angle become art works.

I am delighted to present Álvaro Martino ( - the photographer of Tria who found the right perspectives to bring the product in the perfect light.
On this session of TRIA, by the photographer Álvaro Martino, we explore the minimalist simplicity of the piece. It was developed in studio to highlight colors, textures, details, shapes and all possible compositions. Highlighting the details explored on the construction and design features.

The ambiente fotos were shoot by Morsa ( with production by Inês Magalhães and show the shelving Tria in a hotel & living room scenario. Thanks to hotel Vincci in Porto for collaboration and great surrounding.

Irena Übler

Irena is an Austrian-German Industrial Designer, graduated from the University of Applied Sciences FH Joanneum in Graz / Austria in 2010 and she is living and working as freelance industrial designer and entrepreneur since 2011 in Porto, Portugal.

A cross-disciplinary designer seeking for fresh ideas combining different interest areas of Product Design, Creative Tourism and Design Thinking for national & international clients.

Founder and Creative Director of COMO - modular cork furniture. (

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