Tribe Art by Lynch Atong

Tribe Art is a representation of beauty and adorning of a special kind of African community. Let us take a look at how special the African community is through this project. Read on and enjoy!

Africa is rich in terms of culture and traditions, each with its own unique practices and norms. Here in Kenya alone we have 42 tribes: Luo, Kikuyu, Kamba, Giriama etc. While the origin of the woman in Tribe Art is unknown: it is clear how unique her sense of clothing point to Africa. I wanted to put it in paper, to see how well I could reflect all this in my art without losing any detail in the process.

– Lynch Atong

Tribe Art 01 Original Photo

The deep and intense look, the active pose, traditional regalia and richness of color in the photo all reflect the African spirit. I drew the initial sketch to get the form first, making sure I had everything in place. I then made a solid shading making sure I cast a very strong shadow on the subject. The artwork was left in that state for almost a year and one day, while looking through my portfolio I wanted to revamp the Project. The artwork was then scanned and converted to vector and colored to get the base colors. Then for the details and color shades, I used Adobe Photoshop.

– Lynch Atong

Tribe Art 02 Scanned Drawing

Tools I’ve used:
· Pencil
· Gel ink pen
· Adobe Illustrator
· Adobe Photoshop

– Lynch Atong

Tribe Art 03 Variations

The idea was from a photo in a local newspaper. Yes I had challenges; the coloring takes time and for you to get the details right, patience is very much required. I’ve made two revisions for this artwork.

– Lynch Atong

Tribe Art 022 Scanned Drawing

About Lynch Atong

Lynch Atong is a Kenyan Graphic Designer based in the city of Mombasa. He loves illustration and very much interested in Typography and Advertising. He currently works freelance and does Corporate Branding and Logo Development. He makes various print campaigns and publications for companies looking to expand their market base. Also, he does commissioned projects. You can find more of his works on his Behance profile.