Tropical Hunter / Creature Design

It was an educational project during my concept art courses. I had to design a creature (predator) able to live in a specific environment. In my case it was a jungle. I needed to mix several basic creature to come up with the design.

As I was to make a dangerous species I started to search ideas based upon existing jungle predators. Leopard and tiger were chosen as the foundation for further design because of their specific movement plastic. I decided to mix the basic creature with tropical birds and reptiles to add some sharp shapes in the silhouette, interesting skin details and a bit of dangerous feeling.

First I made some research sketches of felines, reptiles and various tropical birds and dynosaurs to understand their shapes and anatomy. When thinking about color options I referenced on various iguana species and chose the one with the red accent on the creatureā€™s head.

Basic research and concept sketches were made in Photoshop but for further development I have chosen ZBrush as the best way to present the creature and make it look more dynamic and alive.

Do not be afraid of new challenges šŸ™‚

Alena Zakharenkova