Tropical Leaf by Gustavo Angelo

In this Artwork I was trying to find something musical and poetic about nature, It was already winter in south hemisphere but the colors around were nice yet. So I went for a walk and I’ve found this small branch and it had these really tiny leaves hanging on. The leaves were all downward and aligned on the little stick and the smooth bending on the stick just added a sense of weight, as if the leaves were heavy and were trying to resist the winter colorfully, right before falling to the ground. The leaves repetition just added the rhythm to the music.

-Gustavo Angelo


I was always amazed by nature subjects, from bonsai to exploring the wild, I always enjoyed it all. And as music is my other passion I like when nature combines with poetry, confirming that nature is the giant here and it’s able to speak without a word. It’s like nature just sings to you.

-Gustavo Angelo


So with a little help from a 50mm macro lenses (macro is another passion of mine) I started shooting. But after some time I realized I was missing something, so I decided to shoot from the other side of the leaves and there it was the lighting I was expecting. Now the light was crossing the leaves, turning up the colors and I could still manage to darken the surroundings. Another detail that i like is that the shooting distance gives you the sensation you’re not too close from the main subject but at the same time you’re able to see the detailed veins of the focused leaf.
For post shooting I used Adobe Lightroom

-Gustavo Angelo

Gustavo Angelo, 24 years of age is a graphic designer and photographer who’s graduated on Publicity and Advertisement at PUC (Pontificia Universidade Católica) – Campinas/Brazil. He works at a branding/publicity/wayfinding development Agency as the creative person responsible for Graphic Design and Photography. You can find more of his artworks by visiting his Behance profile.