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Trovo by Muhammed Salman

Trovo by Muhammed Salman

Jon Paylaga
July 2, 2015

Trovo is all about Travelling. TROVO will provide simple and intuitive travel data with innovative service integrations by uniting world travelers solutions together as world's largest real time travel data platform.

"When I got inquiry to work on this project, I really got happy because these are those kind of works where a designer can play around with colors, pattern, fun elements.. So, I was quite happy and excited. I created a unique pattern with world famous monuments as its all about travelling, places, etc. and used some attractive colors and I hoped it worked well."

-Muhammed Salman








About Muhammed Salman

Muhammed Salman is a Graphic and Web designer from India, who have great passion for designs and serious about it too, that's how he decided to turn to his passion in to his career. He always love to grab attention through his works and still enjoying it. He started his career as Junior designer and after 3 years of worked he joined in another company as Creative Director and worked there for around 6 years. Now working as full time freelancer. And his dreaming to make his own venture soon in the near future, . And he publish his work on same name. And he is always thankful to one of his teacher Rahul S. Ravi for supporting him on the earlier stages of his career and to his friend Sanesh for he helps in his projects. You can find about more of Salman by visiting his Behance and Dribble.

2 comments on “Trovo by Muhammed Salman”

  1. I bet you had fun making all these things just the same as I had fun watching them!
    When I'm a bit older and I got a bit more money I always wanted to travel on foot with a backpack to go sightseeing. I hope this thing can help me with that :)

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