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Tundra Fogs by Nikita Shestakov

Tundra Fogs by Nikita Shestakov

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August 3, 2015
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The project, Tundra Fogs by Nikita Shestakov was developed based on a design Nikita prepared for one of the studios at his university. The aim was to develop a sustainable complex of housing units on the shore of northern Italy’s lake - Varese. And, thus his work - Tundra Fogs.

As simple as it looks design of the housing unit came out as a result of a long process of trials and errors. It fulfills the requirements of heating, sun protection and comfort of living. I was inspired by the minimalistic look of Scandinavian architecture that is why I decided to picture it in a more northern environment - think of lake shore location surrounded by pine forest.
-Nikita Shestakov



The design of the house itself was a balance between northern minimalism in its appearance and Japanese's perspective on the usage of space. As for the mood of the image, I was mainly inspired by photographs of northern foggy landscapes and by the aesthetics of the Ex-Machina movie. I wanted to create a dark and mysterious atmosphere.
-Nikita Shestakov


In my works, I try to pay as much attention as possible to the mood of the artwork. It is all about making the viewer to feel something, rather than just admire a pretty image. I believe
the light, the way it interacts with the surrounding (be it dust, building or a tree) and the colors it creates - can change completely perception of the work.
-Nikita Shestakov




I think my style is constantly evolving. I tend to get my inspiration from cinema, art, photography, graphic design, as well as from other artists like Tamás Medve from a great little studio
MIR, beeple and many other talented people I keep stepping across on the web.

I recommend to constantly challenge yourself with new projects that touch completely different areas. It helps to develop your skills and discover your personal style. But in the end, the main thing is not to give up too easily because it takes a lot of time and mistakes to get it right.
-Nikita Shestakov

About Nikita Shestakov

In 2011, Nikita Shestakov got his degree in computer science, Moscow. Later, he decided to move a bit further and now, he's finishing his studies in Architecture, at Politecnico di Milano. For him, it is interesting to balance between both fields. Currently, he's staying in Milan, working as a freelance and CG artist. See more of his work at Behance or his website.

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