Tunearound App – Logo Design

Tunearound app was a personal project created in partnership with a software engineer in order for both of us practice our skills. The aim was to focus more on the app aesthetics, transitions and animations rather than the complexity of the features. So we created a simple concept, Tunearound is an android app that allows the user to quickly find all the music events happening near your location.
This app design is still in progress, but for now I’m going to walk you through the logo design process.

As a logo for an app I wanted it to be simple, clean and quickly identifiable. So I based my sketches on demonstrating the app major features; user’s current location, what is around its location and music events happening right now.

Using Adobe Illustrator, I based the logo in a round shape inspired by the sonar, an instrument that allows you to find something according to a focal point, and from that point on I assembled a grid using the music element as the centre and applying concentric circles as we see with a working sonar.

I opted for an extra bold weight and italic font to the lettering, in order to match the weight of the lines in the logo and some aspects of the app that have a skewed grid.
I also altered the Montserrat font to have round edges, as it would fit better with the overall round shape that I had been working.

As for the colours I spent a lot of time making experiences, I knew at the beginning that I wanted to match vibrant colors with black and white images. So, after some work, I narrow it down to 3 “neon” colors, that I also fused together in a mesh gradient to use in some other graphic elements of the app.

The process for the logo and all the decision making were made with the app design in mind.

When designing the logo it seemed important, as well as necessary, to design the app icons in parallel. I adapted the breaked circles from the logo to all the icons, and made the weight of the lines as thick as possible in order to maintain its recognition even in the smallest sizes.

This project served as practice to improve my overall skills in design and also to be more aware of the necessary techniques when you are designing for a mobile app. As it is still a work in progress, in the development department, I hope that you stay tuned for more.

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Jessica Teixeira

I’m a young graphic designer with a degree from the Faculty of Fine Arts University of Porto, in Communication Design. At the moment I work at a design agency and spend my free time pursuing illustration and analogic photography.
Motivated to discover an extensive range of areas, not limited to design, I’m always predisposed to accept new challenges.