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Matheus Gomes
November 27, 2018
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Túnel is a division of the Yvýrupi Group, a team of specialists in astronomy and astrophysics, and all related subjects. Co-founded by Camilla Hoffmann and Juan Domingos, based in Espírito Santo, it is a non-profit institute that is led by constant research in astronomy and also is conducted as a tutoring group in extension courses. Túnel is a powerhouse for wanderers who look up.

To interpret the institute, binary code was the main source of inspiration due to the co-founders' passion for it. Also, as the binary code is consisted of '0' or '1', the Arecibo Message inspired the visuals represented in this project. Sent to space on November 16, 1979, in Puerto Rico, it is an interstellar radio message carrying in basic information about humanity and Earth on a journey to globular star cluster M13, hoping to communicate with extraterrestrial beings. The branding was kept simple with sparkles of dynamism borrowed from Arecibo. The blue color combined with a selected grey color scheme is the key factor representation of life co-existing in the unending expansion that is the universe. The result is an uncanny grid with symmetrical and dynamic visuals. Regarding the materials, for all the collateral work, I used luxury paper recycled from used coffee cups, which employed a special touch and feeling to the project reminding us of reusability that interestingly is one of the many of NASA's goals: reusing stuff and coping with the environment in their future endeavours. As for the finishings, embossing was applied on the logo - and entirely on the grey card - to amplify sensorial experience, and a rounded business card, which ended up becoming a frame, is the key through which Túnel may communicate originally.

All the work that I'm commissioned to starts with anything-that-leaves-a-mark tool and my sketchbook. Incredibly, in the 21st century, personally, yet, no software is able to replace early sketches out of one's creative mind. It's freeing and more practical when I'm approaching ideas and layouts. However, surely, right after spending some four/five pages on that I head on to try on Illustrator. At the moment, my main tools when creating for branding projects are Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. For Túnel, there's more involved to it than what meets the eyes, but I may say that in this specific project everything you can see was being designed simultaneously from beginning to conception. As I always say, processes may vary in each project depending on all sorts of aspects. In addition, the logotype was entirely redesigned from an open-source typeface called Inter UI - the family type chosen, including, specially, kerning adjustments (not that the typeface family required any, but it was done to let Túnel reclaim its ownership). As said previously, worth mentioning, though, the logo - Túnel's own spaceship -, is an inspiration from the Arecibo Message. In addition to that, the layout around the logo and logotype is a reference of the solar system - being the sun the center and all planets surrounding it.

I was commissioned by Camilla Hoffmann and Juan Domingos, Túnel co-founders. The first thing whenever a client approaches me, I ask them for reciprocal trust. Both of us want the best for their endeavours and we should let our egos out in every meeting so that tastes may be avoided and we see together what's best for the project. I say it plainly. In this case, Camilla and Juan were sincere and open-minded, so it was comfortable and easy to collaborate with them to bring Túnel to life. As for other, the projects was released a few days only, so it's pretty much early to get any level of response to that. However, as many graphic designers vigorously wait for approval, I prefer to move on to the next project and with life. I try not to focus on right now. There's this saying that is always with me - I forgot the author, though -, which is: "For some people to like it, others have to hate it.". Period.

In the vast ocean of alikeness, try to be yourself more and know that that's good enough. And listen to more music.

Matheus Gomes

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