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TV Station

TV Station

Azza Talas
January 11, 2018

Graduation project in 2016 - TV station called Beroia. The project includes many functions as management offices, Studios, a huge stage for dancing or entertainment show, TV shows, news studios... Also the main functions like reception waiting room mock-ups and dressing rooms

I chose a simple and modern style because televisions channels have many and different programs for a watch and any one of them has a special concept or certain type. So that I used for every studio different style, and used for the building main concept which was white and wood (modern design)

I used the graphics programs. First of all, I draw my plans and sections on Autocad with dimensions, secondary I created my own design. Then merged my file to 3dsMax and start to build spaces rooms walls and everything.
It takes time because my project was large with 4 floors and landscape.

I think in general my project was loved by people, everyone praised my work. By the way, I got a good mark.
Really it was a great job I enjoyed every moment working on it.
I try my best to make that project

Azza Talas

5 comments on “TV Station”

  1. Hello, great Project!
    I'm doing a TV station myself, but I'm facing some trouble finding similar examples with its plans and sections,... to know the circulation and the relation between the project elements. And if you can help me with the detailed program by Area it'll be great.
    Thank you.

  2. Hello, great work.
    I would like to see how you furnished the studios and set the control rooms since I'm having a TV station for a my senior project as well and I'm facing some difficulties with the studios set up.
    Thanks in advance.

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