«TverGames» is a Russian network of gaming stores. The customer can buy, sell or exchange game and consoles. In this gaming network, you can repair or restore your console. The stores regularly hold promotions, cosplays and thematic events and competitions. «TverGames» is a real multiplatform for the console gamer.

The implementation of the rebranding ideas began after I visited the central store, played several sets with the directors and talked with the regular customers of the store. Starting with materials and ideas and ending with the final implementation, I was guided by visual simplicity and intuition in the perception of graphic images.

For this project, I create a minimalistic and intuitive logosystem and transfer it to personal graphic. Then I expand this style, make it dynamic and alive. Any project of mine is a set of interconnected and complementary ideas and elements. Style is obliged to sell, but this is not enough, it must contain rock’n’roll note. Illustrator and Photoshop are my rock’n’roll friends.

Feedback from the people has been positive and useful on many social and design networks, websites and blogs to creative communities with extensive international reach. The project was interesting for me and the customer, because in it we combined his experience in the network business and my philosophy and methodology of dynamic identity for visual communication with the buyer.

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