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Twin Peaks · Flat Portraits

Twin Peaks · Flat Portraits

Lorena G
May 27, 2017
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This project's a little tribute to the TV show Twin Peaks because of its comeback after 25 years with a new and fresh vision of flat portraits. Each one of them it's aimed to feature the character's personality through this geometric graphic style.

I firstly did the Log lady portrait when Margaret Lanterman passed away as a tribute. After that, I decided to continue the project and start developing some of the main characters that appear in the legendary TV Show that it's come back in style.

Regarding my tool and process, before working on the computer I always kick off rough ideas on paper. I usually think and sketch till I come up with something I feel it’s the right thing and then I start working digitally.

I still don't know because I've just released it. However, I've already learned a lot indeed! It's was kind of a challenge for me because these are my first portraits ever, so it was tricky but very rewarding at the same time.

Lorena G

Graphic Designer & Illustrator. I love geometric shapes, bold colors, top-notch vectors and tuna makis.

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