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Anibal Garcia
April 3, 2017
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#typecross is my last project and still open. I cross words to build pieces of letters, always trying to use different types of letters and colours that accompany the meaning of the phrase. Pictures that want to tell something, but not always easy to find.

I have always had problems designing long words together, always combining them in the easiest way for the reader. One day, when I was painting a mural, a giant letter came across for its interior dimension, so I thought it could be read, save more space and make a good impression. In each word I try to renew the style, to combine typographies of old-hand painted signs with experimental and "digital" letters. The colours always go according to what the phrase expresses, but normally I like very vivid colors.

I continually pick up phrases that I like and I think they adapt to the project. In the holes I have of my work in my study @wearewoka. Then I draw them. 80% of the work is paper and pencil, and when I have clear where the lines should cross, then I draw them and I put the main colours. After that, I adjust both the colours and shadows with Photoshop.

When I started the project, I did a lot of finished images. About 10 of them did not finish showing what I wanted, until I made "LOVE / HATE". With this image I saw what the next step of the project should be. When I showed it to my friends, they liked it and I uploaded it to Instagram. It had very good repercussion, and I was at the same time building others that also had good impact. When I had an amount to do a project in Behance, I decided to upload it and a few days later Behance. it was highlighted in its gallery and BOOOOM.
The truth is that I feel very happy with all the comments, new followers and appreciations. This motivates me to continue with the project and I feel more responsible of not getting relaxed with the images.

#typecross is a very young project and it is far ahead. I am currently uploading a lot of stories to Instagram where you can see the whole process and pieces that I will not update in Behance. And now my second goal is to paint it on signs and murals.
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Anibal Garcia

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One comment on “#typecross”

  1. I love this project, each one is beautiful! Will be interested on the process! Hope to see your future murals project :)

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