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TypoCreatures by Corn Studio

TypoCreatures by Corn Studio

Corn Studio
March 4, 2017
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A type illustration project of numerous legendary demons that appear in religion, theology, christian demonology, and mythology. Inspired by christian demonology and the demons’ characteristics we illustrated eight demons/creatures just by using type. Considering letters as shapes each illustration was structured one by one with the usage of “Pirate Ship” font. The typographic illustration experiments reflect the appearance of each demon according to how they are described and depicted on books such as “The Lesser Key of Solomon” (also known as Clavicula Salomonis Regis or Lemegeton, an anonymous grimoire or spell book on demonology), “Dictionnaire Infernal” by Jacques Auguste Simon Collin de Plancy, based as well as on literature, drawings and paintings of various anonymous or known painters combined with the designers’ fantasy.

It is a project straight from the darkest paths of the other side. We've been in darkness. Met some demons. And illustrated them. Joke.
Experimenting with type and listening to some extreme black metal music on Sunday afternoon designing led to the illustration of these solid dark demons/creatures. Colours used -> black and white. Let the music guide you!

Tools/ Software -> Adobe Illustrator
Process -> Each illustration was structured one by one by combinig letters one next to the other using type as shape, rotating, reflecting, mixing and playing with it. In the end you can see the face of the demon made out of it.

People like to see experimental techniques on design projects. Especially when you make them think that what they see is made out of something else. Illusions! Typography and typographic illustrations always inspired us for various projects, we like to experiment in our free time. This project gave us motivation to keep our design playful and not boring, by reading, being inspired from anything that comes up in your mind, share concepts, share thoughts.

Keep on experimenting!

Corn Studio

Corn Studio is a design studio based in Athens, Greece, providing outstanding work with custom design solutions for your needs. The seeds were planted in 2009, but it wasn’t till 2012 that it started operating as a full-scale design studio for clients in Greece and abroad. Since then, it is formed by Dimos Stathis, Andreas Xenoulis, Vassia Kalozoumi and Ilias Stathis; a creative team of open minded, design freaks with passion for creativity.

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