UI/UX – Everest by Rahul Bapat

Everest Advocates is to provide dentists with PPO reimbursements that better serve their practices; this allows them to realize the profit they deserve, while increasing their desire to work with PPO insurance companies for the benefit of the patient. I have been involved for more than 3 months on this project starting from requirement gathering till the final UI/UX designing.

-Rahul Bapat


The process started as I mentioned earlier from requirement gathering. Once that is clear I started making sketches on paper for the layout. I did almost 10 different paper sketches. Once the overall layout is final I made low fidelity wireframes. These wireframe making process was more than 2 weeks. Once the low fidelity wireframe is ready there are multiple discussion with client and then I made Photoshop layout. Once the Photoshop layout is done which includes color scheme images and graphics, I develop this in HTML5 and CSS3. For the whole process I followed agile UX methodology and User Interaction design patterns. I urge every designer to follow this process if you want to do successful project.

-Rahul Bapat

About Rahul Bapat

Rahul is a very passionate designer who worked in UI/UX, Visual Design and Interaction Design. He have more than 11 years of experience in design field and he worked on almost every type of design from branding to print media. Currently his focus is UI/UX. He follows Agile UX methodology and urge every UI/UX designer to follow it. Currently he’s working in Silicus Technologies pvt. Ltd as a Team leader for UI/UX and Visual Design.
On his free time, he do a lot of sketching, handling different media like pencil, rotring, Charcoal and acrylic. He have been doing sketching at a very young age and now he have a good hand in human anatomy. For last 2 years, he is using charcoal media and this is something which he loves to do. Recently, he have started a series named ‘Highlights and Shadows’ which a series of charcoal artworks.
Rahul graduated from Abhinav kala Mahavidyalaya from Pune, India and did a specialization in photography. It’s in here that his love for drawing grows and he followed it as a carrier. You can find more about him on his Facebook page or Behance profile.