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UMC Medical Center - New Cairo 

UMC Medical Center - New Cairo 

Nada Elhadedy
January 13, 2017
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UMC is located in heart of new Cairo in south academy district service nearly north 90th on area 5000 sq. I tried to provide the client with a new conceptual building that stands out from all the new modern architecture in new Cairo in a smooth wavy lines that create a homogeneous facade and entrance .

Project Assigned by: Arkan Developers 
Role: Design , Modeling , Visualizations
Type: Medical  
Year: 2016
Location:  new Cairo in south academy district service nearly north 90th

I came up with this design after working on several proposal that failed to meet the client requirement, the outer design was very traditional to match the modern area architecture theme. So, I wanted to deliver something new but yet simple and applicable. However, this design look a bit complicated but it actually have a very simple idea; it contains just two lines - intersected in different level to create both the entrance gate and the internal space shade.

First stop was sketching a conceptual ideas in paper, then I tested the scale and ratio compared with the existing structure using auto cad. After modified the sketch into software elevation I begin the modeling using 3ds max
then rendering it using vary and editing the color using Photoshop and the plugin color pro. Finally, I prepared the project in details using in-design for presentation.

The wires and cables creates a semi shaded for the internal green space. The ground floor will have some commercial units on the street so I wanted to separate the upper floor curtain wall from the commercial facade yet merged with the intersection line that creates the entrance. Using the light system on the two intersecting lines will make the from and the concept more comprehensible so it's essential element for the design, the vertical white element on the facade meant to reduce  the use of glass and curtain wall to reduce the total cost.

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Nada Elhadedy

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