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Un Poco Sobre Mí...

Un Poco Sobre Mí...

Camila Tubaro
May 5, 2018
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This is a postcard that represents a little bit of me and my work. I love Graphic Design and Illustration so, I decided to create a card that speaks from itself.
Without saying much, it says all I am and I want to be.

I wanted to show myself in a simple way. So, first, I thought about the characteristics I wanted people to know about me. Then, I draw them in my notebook. I scaned them and, later, I colour them in Illustrator.
Also, I added some details.
I tried to use my favourite color palette, the one that represents my spirit: fresh, sweet and clean.

I used Illustration, Illustrator and Photoshop.
First, I draw in my notebook the things I want to show: first in pencil, then, in pen.
I always colour things in Illustrator, so, after drawing, I scanned all.
I open Illustrator, vectorize them all and then, I start coloring them.
I think this is the best part of my work, because there are a lot of techniques to use to color illustrations, so there is a whole world of tools waiting you to use them!

People really liked it!
When I do illustrated things, I always try to improve my technique and play with the black strokes in different ways.
There´s always something new to learn!
I leant that there is always a simplier way to show and represent things.
And there is the real chalenge: saying a lot without showing much.
As I´ve been told: Less is more!

I´m a Graphic Designer and Illustrator from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
See a little bit more about me in:ño-

Camila Tubaro

My name is Camila Tubaro and I am a Graphic Designer and Illustrator from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I love drawing, painting and creating characters.
Fan of little details and handmade work.
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